Saturday, May 18, 2013


Your floorboard is not a good hiding place for your purse!

A woman reported to Denton police Friday afternoon that she lost her purse and all its contents to a car burglar.
She said she arrived at her vet's office in the 2700 block of James Street and got her dog out of the car. She placed her handbag in the floor behind the front seat and locked the car.
While she was in the office with her dog another customer came inside and notified her that someone had broken out the back driver's window of the car. When she checked she discovered the purse, containing her identification, her cell phone, debit card and checkbook, along with some cash, was missing. An investigation is continuing.
Police advise never to leave anything of value in a vehicle, even if it is locked. Floorboards are the first place burglars look.

Other reports

1200 block of East Hickory Street - A 24-year-old woman called police about 11:30 Thursday night to report that her boyfriend's former girlfriend assaulted her outside the boyfriend's apartment. She did not want to press charges.

800 block of Swan Park - A man said he put up his part of the bargain in an online gun deal but the seller never sent him the weapon. He found the gun he wanted on an online gun-trading web site, he said. He sent the seller a money order, which was cashed, but he never received the gun.

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