Thursday, May 9, 2013


Officer Attacked With Knife

Denton police charged a man with attempted capital murder of a peace officer and aggravated assault early Wednesday after he allegedly attacked a woman and a police officer with a knife.
Officers saw suspicious activity in the parking lot of a supermarket in the 2300 block of West University Drive shortly after 3 a.m. and decided to investigate. When they were near a car in the lot they could hear a woman screaming for help. They discovered she had been beaten and stabbed in the back, according to the police report.
As the officers were trying to determine what had happened a man walked up and one of the officers tried to talk to him. The man charged the officer with a knife, aiming to stab him in the throat, the report stated.
The officer managed to avoid the knife thrust and was not injured. He ordered the suspect to the ground and placed him under arrest. The woman was taken for treatment to a nearby hospital emergency room.
Shane McNally, 26, is being held on the charges.

Other reports

900 block of Ellison Park Circle - A 77-year-old man reported Wednesday that he filed his income tax and was expecting a check from the IRS. When it didn't arrive he checked and was told that someone else had used his identifying information to file their taxes.

7900 Mirror Rock Lane - Someone gained access to a woman's email and purchased merchandise through her WalMart account, a woman reported Wednesday.

1300 block of Bolivar Street - A woman reported Wednesday that she has received numerous telephone calls from someone who claims she owes money to a payday loan company and that a warrant is out for her arrest.

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