Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Woman arrested on mother's property

A 21-year-old woman who had been criminally trespassed from her mother's property last year showed up again Monday and caused a disturbance so her mother called police.
The 47-year-old mother lives in the 1300 block of Mayhill Road. She called about 10 p.m. asking for help. The daughter was at her house yelling and arguing, she said, and she wanted her removed.
Officers arrested the daughter on a charge of criminal trespass. Meanwhile, the mother searched the daughter's belongings and found a bag of methamphetamines. The officers added charges of possession of a controlled substance.

Other reports

700 block of Oakland Street - He loaned his car to a woman he knows, a man reported Monday, because she needed to visit her mother for a few hours on Mother's Day. But it had been more than 36 hours since she took the car, he reported about noon, and she had not returned it. She would not answer her telephone or return messages, he told police.

100 block of First Street - An officer responding to a suspected drunk driver found a woman who had been swerving back and forth, hitting curbs and switching her headlights on and off. The woman had struck another car and knocked off a side mirror, the caller said. The officer arrested the woman on a charge of DWI. She struggled against him when he tried to place her in handcuffs and scratched him, he reported. He added a charge of assault on a public servant to her woes.

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