Wednesday, May 29, 2013

                        THE COP SHOP

Eating the evidence

The driver appeared to be chewing and he had marijuana leaves in his lap, so an officer asked him to get out of his car Tuesday night. He noticed the man also had leaves on his shirt and there were leaves in the seat. The officer asked the man to open his mouth, and his tongue was coated with cannabis. He admitted to the officer that he was trying to eat the evidence after he saw the red lights of a police car behind him. The officer had stopped the driver for failing to use his turn signal in the 300 block of South I-35 service road about 11:15 p.m. He took the man to jail on a charge of possession of marijuana.

Other reports

700 block of Sunset Street - A man in a maroon truck stopped at a pizza delivery business Tuesday and stole a Dominoes Pizza lighted car topper off one of the delivery cars, according to a police report.

500 block of Inman Street - The woman was moving, she said, and she left a box of clothing and shoes with a friend overnight. When she left the friend's apartment Monday the friend and her roommate were arguing. When she returned the next day, someone had poured bleach all over her property that had been in the box. She suspects the roommate, she said.

2900 block of Terry Court - Someone in Kansas is using her maiden name and her social security number, a woman told Denton police Tuesday. She said she has learned the identifying information was used to open a Direct TV account and at a hospital emergency room.

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