Friday, May 3, 2013


Woman Scammed in Supermarket

Two woman who were supposed to be strangers to each other worked together to defraud a 69-year-old woman of $3,100 Monday, according to a police report.
The woman said she was buying groceries in a grocery store in the 500 block of West University Drive about 3:15 p.m. when a woman walked up to her and asked for directions. She could not help the woman, she said, but another woman came up to them and said she could give the first woman directions to the place she wanted to go.
Those two women then began discussing why the first woman needed to get to the place.  The victim was drawn into the discussion, and she learned that the first woman had a winning lottery ticket for $3 million. She said she was in the U.S. illegally and could not collect her prize. The three women then talked about how she might collect the money.
The victim could not explain the logic of what happened next, but said she agreed to take the other two women on a quest for the winnings. She was convinced that she needed to contribute cash but insisted that she did not expect part of the lottery winnings. She said they first visited a bank where the second woman claimed to have retrieved cash for her part of the endeavor. Then she drove to her bank, where she withdrew $3,100.
Then the three women drove to an office supply store, where the victim went inside to try to buy W-2 forms for the first woman to use in some way to further her quest for the lottery winnings. She left her bank envelope full of cash with the two women while she went inside the store, she said. She was told that she could not purchase W-2 forms, so she went back to her car. She discovered that both women and her cash were gone. An investigation is continuing.

Other reports

200 block of Coronado - A man reported Monday that his former girlfriend is sending him threatening and harassing e-mails and texts. He said she recently sent him a photo of her burning his motorcycle jacket.

2200 block of Denison Street - A 21-year-old woman reported to police Tuesday that she recently moved out of a residence before a package she had ordered was delivered. Now she is trying to retrieve the package but her former roommate won't give it to her without being paid cash.

800 Dixon Lane - Someone hacked into his computer and set up a account, a 41-year-old man reported Tuesday.Whoever set up the account used his e-mail and correct password and used his UNT student ID as a username.

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