Tuesday, May 7, 2013

                          THE COP SHOP

Woman Gets Sucked In By Vacuum Salesman

An 83-year-old woman reported Monday that on Friday she wrote a check to a door-to-door vacuum cleaner salesman for one of his products. He was supposed to bring the cleaner to her. He cashed her check, she said, but she has not seen him or her vacuum since.

Other Reports

2400 block of Bolivar Street - Someone entered a 25-year-old man's truck overnight, he reported Monday, and stole an engagement ring. An investigation is continuing.

400 block of Stroud Street - An online loan company required $200 upfront, a man reported to police Monday. He made the payment but never received his loan.

2800 block of Interstate 35E - After picking up his friend at the airport, a man stopped at a Denton restaurant for breakfast, he reported Monday. The two had been inside only about 30 minutes when someone notified them that their car had a smashed back window. When they checked they discovered that one bag belonging to each man had been stolen from the car.

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