Friday, June 21, 2013

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Woman moans in man's back yard, steals his car

A man called 911 from a house in the 5500 block of Mills Road late Thursday night saying he could hear a woman moaning in his back yard. While he was on the phone the woman walked around to his front porch and he tried to ask her what was wrong. He told the dispatcher that the woman didn't tell him, but she climbed inside his car and drove away in it. As she left she struck his fence and his mailbox, he reported. Arriving officers found the woman nearby and charged her with criminal mischief, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle and driving while intoxicated.

Other reports

700 block of North Carroll Boulevard - An estranged couple had dinner together Thursday to talk about their problems but the meeting went bad, according to a police report. A woman called for help from her place of work about 8:40 p.m. She said the husband had moved out a day earlier but called and wanted to have dinner. She and her daughter met him and then he asked her to allow him to drive her home. So the daughter left in her car and she got into his. He drove to her job site, placed a gun to her head and told her it was the end, she said. They fought over the pistol and she wrested it away from him. Then she ran into her place of business. He fled on foot, telling her that he had taken an entire bottle of painkillers. Officers could not initially locate the man but eventually found him and charged him with deadly conduct and public intoxication.

400 block of South Carroll Boulevard - The chief of the Collinsville Police Department called a Denton detective Thursday to report that a resident of his city had discovered that someone had used the victim's debit card information to make 29 purchases in Denton at a hookah lounge and smoke shop. The purchases totaled $3,265, according to the report.

1900 block of Colorado Boulevard - Police are sorting out the reports of two sisters that each committed a crime on the other. The 26-year-old sister reported that the 29-year-old sister stole 38 prescription pills from her. The 29-year-old sister retorted that the 26-year-old used her debit card without her permission. Each wants to press charges against the other.    


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