Wednesday, June 5, 2013

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Muenster man loses thousands to check forger

The Muenster Police Chief called a Denton detective Tuesday to report a forgery. He said that someone burglarized a Muenster business and among other things stole some of the business's checks .Now that business owner reports that someone forged one of the checks at a Denton bank in the 400 block of West Oak Street for $3,250. A joint investigation is ongoing.

Other reports

2300 block of Fort Worth Drive - The owner of a salvage business called police Tuesday afternoon when he noticed someone breaking windows and windshields on vehicles parked at the business. He found at least 30 vehicles had been vandalized for a loss at more than $1,500. The report did not indicate that any arrests were made.

3600 block of Beatriz Drive - A 43-year-old man called police for help Tuesday afternoon. He said his son is repeatedly calling and threatening him.

500 block of Ruth Street - A 77-year-old man reported Tuesday that he has received several letters announcing that he has won millions of dollars. He sent money to the business for various fees associated with his winnings. So far, he said, he has not received his millions and he fears he has been scammed.

9400 block of Glen Falls Lane - Sometime late Monday or early Tuesday someone used spray paint to write the words "crack kills" on a man's garage door, he reported.

700 block of Londonderry Lane - A man reported Tuesday that sometime between May 20 and May 31, someone stole a high-pressure grease gun from the back of his work truck.

200 block of Inman Street - Someone stole the fake scoop from the hood of a woman's 2004 Ford Mustang, she reported Tuesday.

Explanation - I have been experiencing computer issues for the past couple of days and have not been able to write police reports. I apologize for the inconvenience. Donna

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