Sunday, June 16, 2013

                            THE COP SHOP

Man says toddler, not him, beat girlfriend

Officers arrived at a house in the 3800 block of Sonoma Drive about 5 a.m. Saturday at the request of a man who said he believed his friend's boyfriend had assaulted her. The man said the text read that the boyfriend hit her again. The officers found a woman with numerous old bruises and scratches on her body. She was not cooperative with the officers and said the boyfriend had not beat her in several hours. The boyfriend denied assaulting the woman and said he believed her 3-year-old son assaulted her. The officers took him to jail on an outstanding warrant.

Other reports

1800 block of Fort Worth Drive - Someone used a key to enter City Electric Supply Friday night, the owner reported Saturday. He reported missing $900, the keys to the company van and the van itself. He named an employee as a suspect. The van is covered in company decals, he said, and should be easy to identify.

1200 bock of East Hickory Street - They were moving a couch into an apartment, two men told Denton police Saturday afternoon, and they left their cell phones in the truck while they carted the couch inside. When they returned a few minutes later the discovered that someone took the phones while they were inside.   

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  1. well yes, that would make more sense if the toddler were a "redrum" or "they all float down here" kinda kid.