Thursday, June 13, 2013

                                 THE COP SHOP

Man fights friend, officers

A witness called police about 2:a.m. Wednesday to report that she was in the 300 block of West University Drive watching two men fighting behind a Chevron Station. She said the men were in a black pickup truck. They would sit in the truck a while, begin fighting, get out and assault each other and then get back into the truck. Then they would begin fighting again, exit the truck and assault each other again. While she was talking to dispatchers she said that one of the men had just kicked the other man in the head. Then he got in the truck and drove away.
Arriving officers found the truck and its driver. Paramedics took the injured man to a hospital emergency room for treatment. The driver of the truck then began fighting with the officers, according to the report. He was charged with driving while intoxicated and resisting arrest.

Other reports

1800 Mercedes Street - An 81-year-old woman reported early Wednesday morning that she awoke to find that someone had broken out a front window in her house and a window of her car. The officer estimated between $500 and $1,500 damage. She had no idea who might have caused the damage.

3400 block of Joyce Lane - Someone called a 21-year-old man and told him that he could receive a government grant if he paid a $215 fee, he told police Wednesday. He sent the cash by Western Union and then received another telephone call. Now he must put up an $800 deposit in order to receive the grant, he was told. He believes now that the calls were a scam.

2300 block of Kingston Trace - Someone used a woman's debit card information to make $300 worth of purchases in two trips to a WalMart in Mansfield, a woman told police Wednesday. She still has her debit card and does not know how the information  was stolen.

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