Monday, June 24, 2013

                               THE COP SHOP

Stolen Bud Ice Leads to Robbery Charge

A WalMart employee noticed a man loaded his shopping cart with three 18-packs of Bud Ice Sunday night and then walk past the cash registers without paying. the employee went to the lobby and tried to stop the man from leaving the store, but the suspect shoved past him, threatening to punch him. The employee wrote down the getaway car's license plate and called police with it. Officers checked the registration and headed toward the address listed for the car. They spotted it near the address and stopped it. Because the driver used threats to escape, he was charged with robbery.

Other reports

900 block of Cleveland Street - A man went to a four-plex apartment where his recently deceased 23-year-old son had been living with three roommates Sunday afternoon. When he began gathering his son's belongings he realized that many of them were missing from the room. He called police. An investigation is continuing.

600 block of East hickory Street - A woman left her car parked on the street alongside the Denton Police Department overnight Saturday and discovered when she returned for it Sunday morning just before 7 a.m. that it had been keyed.    

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