Friday, April 19, 2013

The Cop Shop

Student Threatens Bomb

An employee of a children's home reported Thursday morning that two students threatened to make a bomb, fill it with nails in the style of a "dirty" bomb and throw it at her. The students told her they would be able to get away with that. The employee learned that the students have been researching bomb-making on the school's computers. An investigation is continuing.

Other reports

1600 block of East McKinney Street - A 36-year-old woman told police Thursday that she and her cousin had a confrontation over the cousin's boyfriend, and the cousin hit her in the face.

1200 block of Cottonwood Lane - A man reported Thursday that he notified his lending company that he was no longer able to make payments on his car. Right after that the car disappeared from his residence and he assumed that it had been repossessed. Now, he said, the lending company is demanding that he return the car. He has no idea where the car is at this time.

200 block of Woodland Street - A man reported Thursday night that someone took a commercial lawnmower from his backyard. He suspects an employee, according to the report.

700 block of South Interstate 35E - An employee of a grocery store chased a man who stole a bottle of cough syrup but lost sight of him. He described him as a black teen wearing a pink backpack. Police found the teen and charged him with theft.

1200 block of West Oak Street - A Dallas man told police he parked his car in the Fry Street area Wednesday night. When he went back for it Thursday afternoon it was gone.


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