Saturday, April 20, 2013


Reported Aggravated Kidnapping

A muddy woman walking down Lake View Boulevard attracted the concern of a resident Friday afternoon, and he called the police. The victim, a 42-year-old Aubrey woman, said she had been forced into a car on East McKinney Street by a stranger. She reported she had been able to get away from the man and escaped by running through the woods.No further information was available, but the report was listed as an aggravated kidnapping, sexual abuse.

Other reports

3500 block of Hornbeam - A woman reported Friday afternoon that someone took a $5,000 diamond ring from her jewelry box. She said she last saw it there March 31 and when she came home April 12 she discovered the lid to the box was open and the ring was gone. She described it as a three-diamond, one-and-a-half carat ring.

3700 block of South I35 East - Police responded to several calls from witnesses Friday night who reported a man beating a woman and taking a child from her. Officers found the man still sitting in a car pulled up to gas pumps. He said he and his girlfriend were only having an argument. Other officers found the woman with two children inside a store. Her face was badly swollen and she had a cut lip. The officers charged the man with family violence assault. Then they found two bags of marijuana in his car and added charges of possession of marijuana under 4 ounces.


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