Tuesday, April 9, 2013

                                           COP SHOP

Someone had a good time using a woman's debit card, she told Denton police Monday. The 28-year-old woman discovered that someone somehow gained access to her card information and used it to join dating sites and buy flowers and rent a hotel room.

Other reports

1100 block of Dallas Drive - A 50-year-old woman reported Monday that her former boyfriend has hacked into her computer from another location. He has been deleting her emails and removing resumes she sent out in pursuit of a job, she said. She doesn't know how he gained access to her computer.

3300 block of Evers Parkway - Suspects were caught on tape breaking into four portable buildings at Evers Elementary School, authorities reported Monday. They found the suspects had stolen three colors of paint from one building and squirted it all over the walls and walkways inside and outside the buildings. Police are studying the video, but no arrests have yet been made.

500 block of West University Drive - When a man was arrested Sunday carrying one of his parents' checks his father didn't want to press charges against the son. However, the father checked Monday, according to a report, and learned that his son has cashed seven of his checks for a total $2,500. Now he wants to press charges.

1200 block of Avenue A - Someone broke into a man's car in a parking Sunday and stole his wallet, he reported Monday. Then the burglar set the car on fire. His bank contacted him Monday with the news that someone was using his bank card.

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