Saturday, April 27, 2013


Not Quite Legally Dead

A woman reported to Denton police Friday that she has now recalled what happened to her before she was taken to a hospital emergency room in December and declared legally dead. The woman said she was unconscious and unresponsive but was revived. She remained hospitalized a few days before being released. She could not recall what happened to her.
But recently it came back to her that the man who was living with her had assaulted her, causing the trauma. She kicked him out of her apartment. She checked her financial reports and realized that while she was in the hospital he charged numerous items on her credit cards. The woman said he also sold most of her electronics while she was gone.

Other Reports

1500 block of San Gabriel Drive - Officers responded about 11:30 p.m. Thursday to a report of family violence. The officers learned that a man there also had said he would shoot at police in order to get them to shoot back and commit "suicide by cop." The officers were able to arrest him without incident and they charged him with family violence assault and terroristic threat.

30 Highview Circle - An identification theft protection service notified a woman that someone used her identification information to open a Dish Network account, she reported Friday.

2200 Carriage Hill - A woman reported that her credit card information was used to make purchases in New Jersey and New York. She still has the credit cards, she said, and doesn't know how anyone obtained the information from them.

1700 block of Sam Bass Boulevard - An officer driving through an apartment complex parking lot about 3 a.m. Friday saw a woman walking away from a car that immediately left the area. The officer asked the woman what she was doing out so late and why she was so nervous. The woman admitted that she had outstanding arrest warrants. The officer verified the warrants and told the woman she was under arrest. The woman said "no!" and began running from the officer, who gave chase. He saw her throwing numerous narcotics from her pockets and the waistband of her pants as she ran. He caught her and charged her with evading arrest, two counts of possession of a controlled substance, one count of possession of marijuana and outstanding warrants for possession of drug paraphernalia and theft.

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