Friday, April 12, 2013

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Police are investigating a report from a teacher Thursday that one of her students stole her cell phone and buried it in a flower bed on campus.
The teacher said she noticed her phone was missing on Tuesday at the school in the 700 block of Congress Street. She talked to the school principal and they began an investigation and developed a suspect. They had a talk with the student, who led them to a flower bed. They dug up the cell phone, sealed in a plastic bag. The report did not mention what state the phone was in or whether the student was disciplined.

Other reports

1400 block of Teasley Lane - A man reported  Thursday that he parked his moped in front of his apartment three days prior and had not ridden it because it did not have an inspection sticker. When he returned with the sticker on Thursday the moped was missing.The report did not explain how the man got an inspection sticker without the moped.

Golden Oldie

Don't bring an ax to a shotgun fight

Denton police are sorting out the stories of two men who fought with an ax and a shotgun Thursday.
Officers responded to a fight call in the 6100 block of Thackery Drive about 9 p.m. They heard both sides of a story that involved one man dating another man’s former girlfriend and the trouble that ensued when they got together.
The ex boyfriend said he wanted to talk to the woman and drove up to the current boyfriend’s house. He said the current boyfriend was waiting in front and he picked up the ax and charged him with it.
He said he pulled a 12-guage shotgun out of his car and pointed it at the current boyfriend in self defense. The current boyfriend didn’t drop the ax, he said, so he pumped it to make it ready to fire.
He said the current boyfriend’s father came running out of the house and tried to take the shotgun from him. They struggled over the gun and the current boyfriend dropped the ax and tried to help his father.
The two younger men then fought with their hands, he said.
The current boyfriend said he saw the other man drive up, grab a shotgun and start toward him so he picked up the ax for self-protection. His father came to help, he said, when the intruder pumped the gun.
Both men said they were acting in self defense. An investigation is continuing.

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