Monday, April 29, 2013

                         THE COP SHOP

Denton Police Officer Chris Plank apprehended two scofflaws Friday who set off a burglar alarm while trying to break into their mother's house.
Lindsey DeBord, left in photo, and Krystal Land, right,  were setting up a surprise birthday party for their mother, Sherry DeBorde (no that is not a typo. Lindsey DeBorde married Zack DeBord and took the "e" off her name.), and decided they needed family photos to decorate for the shindig. They knew Sherry was in Fort Worth so they sneaked into Robson Ranch and parked in front of Sherry's house.
They found the back door unlocked, so they made their illegal entrance. Lights flashed, sirens screamed and the ladies knew they were busted.
Plank roared up in his squad car with his cuffs at the ready. But the crafty ladies were able to talk their way out of trouble.
"We thought Mom never set the burglar alarm," Lindsey explained, and the officer bought the story.  Plank even escorted them back into the house to find the photos.
The party was a success.

Other reports

500 block of East Windsor at Bell avenue - Police responded to a hospital emergency room where a 21-year-old man was being treated for a knife wound in the neck. The victim reported that he got into a fight with a man he didn't know and the man cut him with something sharp. He had no further information.

3700 block of Pockrus Page Road - A man called police to report that he and his brother-in-law had been drinking all night when the other man assaulted him.

1100 block of East University Drive - Police are sorting out the stories of a married couple whose memories of her finding him with another woman differed early Sunday. A woman called police to a motel just after midnight, saying she had gone to the room because her husband was there with another woman. She said she was banging on the door when he suddenly opened it and hit her twice in the face. Then he shut the door again.
But the man said he never opened the door at all. He was backed up by two witnesses and the woman had no visible wounds. An investigation is continuing.

1000 block of Fulton Street - A 19-year-old man reported Saturday that someone stole his cell phone while he was in gym class at school Thursday. The phone was equipped with a backup system that allowed the information on it to show up to another phone when it was activated. When he activated the replacement phone he saw photos of a person he believes to be the thief.

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