Monday, April 8, 2013

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Good morning!
Welcome to the blotter addition to my blog.
First, you must realize that I am unsupervised. I don't have to go by any special format, and I don't have to write dry, uninteresting crime reports. But I promise you that I always will write the truth as I believe it to be.
You may write to me on this site, and I will answer. I will include tidbits picked up around the cop shop and the city, but only those I have verified as truth. Hot tips are always appreciated but I will not use your names.

I am not picking on anybody, but don't you just love it that the sheriff took back $115,500 in drug seizure money that the former sheriff had allocated to constables for equipment and the commissioners court had approved? He bought himself and one of his staff new cars. He still has half a million dollars in that seizure fund fund that he could have used. Kinda greedy, don't you think?

Crime reports were a little dry today, and that's going to happen sometimes. I will do my best to entertain you as well as inform you.
So let's see what happened in Denton over the weekend:

Officers responded to a call in the 1300 block of Boyd Street Saturday and smelled the strong odor of gasoline. A man there reported that his 22-year-old son got into an argument with him about a car. The son left mad and later returned with a can of gasoline, a lighter and a tire iron. He poured gasoline over one side of the house, the man reported, and then tried to set the house on fire. The father confronted him. The son threatened him with the tire iron, he said, and they struggled over it. He called 911 and the son left. Officers found the son nearby and charged him with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and attempted arson.

Other reports

1100 block of North Bell Avenue - A man reported Saturday that his girlfriend moved out of his house while he was out of town. She took several bottles of his prescription medicine with her when she left, he said.

7800 block of Oak Creek Lane - A woman told police Friday that her boyfriend poured tequila into the gas tank of her car. The boyfriend protested that he was only pretending to pour the liquor into the tank but she jumped on him and hit and scratched him. The officer made no arrests.

1400 block of South Loop 288 - A store clerk called police Saturday after noticing a man inhaling from a spray can he picked up  from one of the store shelves. An arriving officer spotted the 20-year-old  man and detained him. He searched the man's clothing and turned up a bag of marijuana in his clothing. He charged the man of abuse of a volatile chemical and possession of marijuana.

Golden Crime Oldie -
A couple reported Tuesday that they lost more than $6,000 in an Internet scam.
They put up for sale a 1959 Volkswagen Beetle on an Internet site and accepted an offer from a London man for $2,900.
He mailed them a cashier’s check for $6,200, requesting that they keep their part and send the rest back to him for shipping charges. They deposited the cashier’s check and took $3,300 from their account and wired it to the man.
Then their bank notified them the cashier’s check was forged, according to the report. The bank took the cash from their account and they have a negative balance.
Recently, they received another message from the man explaining he no longer wants the car and requesting they send the $2,900 back to him, minus $400 for their trouble. They did not send the man any more money, according to the police report


  1. So does "Golden Crime Oldie" mean it's a crime report from the archives or a crime perpetrated on a senior citizen?

  2. Can't wait to read this to my hubby tonight. One of our favorite activities can start again. (We have a very exciting life...)

  3. This will be a regular read for me! thanks for bringing an entertaining police blotter back to us!