Monday, April 15, 2013

                                          COP SHOP

Did he post his invitations on a bathroom wall?
A man reported to Denton police Saturday morning that someone at a party he threw at his house Friday night stole some of his property when they left. He had no idea who took his stuff, he said, because he didn't know anyone at the party.

Other reports

400 block of Collins Street - An offer reported about 9 p.m. Sunday that he pulled a car over because it had an expired registration sticker. The driver admitted he had no driver's license. He did have a Mexican identification card, according to the report. The officer looked in his wallet and found a small bag of cocaine. The man said it didn't belong to him. But the officer decided that since she found it in his wallet that was in his pocket she could safely assume that it was the man's cocaine. She arrested Genard Hernandez, 25, for possession of a controlled substance, expired registration and no driver's license.
8000 block of Winding Stream - Officers responding to a family violence assault call found a man waiting outside a house. He said he had been beaten by two men inside the house and then locked outside. The officer knocked on the door but no one answered. The case is still under investigation.
9500 Rivercrest Drive - A 71-year-old woman reported Friday that someone claiming to be from Microsoft called her and said she had "errorr" on her account. The caller talked her into giving information about two of her credit cards before hanging up.
200 block of West Congress Street - Police and paramedics responding to an assault report about 12:30 a.m. Friday found a man lying on the ground. After being treated medically the man said that he was beaten by another man, who had then left. But the other man showed up claiming that his actions were in self defense and that he was being robbed at the time. Police charged the second man,  Kevin King, 29, with aggravated assault.

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