Thursday, April 11, 2013


                                                               COP SHOP

     A man told Denton police  Wednesday night that two men pistol-whipped and robbed him but he did not want to press charges.
     The 24-year-old victim said one man had a handgun and the other had a shotgun. They forced their way when he opened the door about 8 p.m., he said. They stole property not specified in the police report and one of them hit him in the head with the pistol before they both left. He did not name the robbers and did not want police to look for them.

Other reports

2000 Parkside Street - Police arrested a 30-year-old man after responding to a disturbance report about 11 p.m. Wednesday.The man's shaken fiance reported that he fired bullets from a .45-caliber pistol into the tires of her car as she sat inside the car. Officers charged Jason Marshall with deadly conduct.

1000 block of Minor Circle - A woman reported Wednesday that she believes her brother stole her wallet. The two both live with their mother, and she said he was the only one who would have done such a thing.

2000 block of Camilla Street - A woman came to the police department to complain that someone used her credit card information to purchase $794 worth of discounted items online at Groupon.


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