Thursday, April 25, 2013


Low Speed Chase

Police arrested a woman pushing a shopping cart full of stolen merchandise from a big-box store Wednesday afternoon.
Officers were sent to the area Wednesday afternoon because a store employee in the 1500 block of South Loop 288 called to report the woman left the store without paying for the basket loaded with items from the store. The employee last saw her heading down the loop pushing the cart.
The officers pulled the lady over and charged her with theft over $500. A computer check showed she had two outstanding sheriff's warrants for failure to identify as a fugitive and failure to appear. She also had two outstanding McKinney warrants for disorderly conduct and failure to appear. She was taken to jail.

Other reports

4600 block of West University Drive - Officers responding to a report from an alarm company found a fence around a building cut and a window broken. An employee reported that several expensive tools were missing.
5900 block of Country Club Road - A man reported Wednesday evening that he had a shotgun missing from his house. He said he knew who took the long gun, and the offense happened two years ago but he had just discovered the theft. The suspect now lives in Washington state, he said. No arrest was made.
8100 block of Swan Park - A couple reported that they were moving out of their house Wednesday and pulled out of the driveway with the last load about 3:50 p.m. They returned about 5 p.m. and noticed that the Realtor sign in the front yard had been placed on the ground beside the house. Their outside air conditioning unit had been stolen, according to the police report.

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