Friday, July 5, 2013


                                         THE COP SHOP

 Woman caught huffing from inhalant behind Dumpster

People just couldn't seem to get along over the Independence Day holiday, with police reporting five incidences of family violence. One report involved a man beating his 65-year-old wife and interfering with an emergency call to police. She went to her sister's house and called 911. Officers went to the address where the assault occurred and the man complained of chest pains and was taken to a hospital. No major injuries were reported but officers made several assault arrests.

Other reports

South Loop 288 - A caller notified police Wednesday that a woman apparently was intoxicated on inhalant from  a spray can and was stumbling around a fast food restaurant parking lot and had almost been hit by a car. The caller followed the woman and reported that she was hiding behind a Dumpster. Officers found the 36-year-old woman behind the Dumpster, still huffing from the can, and charged her with public intoxication and possession of an inhalant.

4200 block of East University Drive - A caller told police that a man was standing near the roadway throwing rocks at cars Thursday about 9 p.m. The woman said a rock struck her car and damaged it. Officers found the man and charged him with public intoxication and criminal mischief.

From midnight Wednesday to midnight Thursday, police made reports of one criminal mischief, five assaults, one child abandonment, two cases of injury to a child, elderly person or disable person, one count of obstructing an emergency call, one business burglary, one case of possession of marijuana, one case of possession of a controlled substance, one case of possession of an inhalant, two arrests for public intoxication, one vehicle burglary, one theft of service and one credit card abuse. 


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