Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Cop Shop

                                THE COP SHOP

Bank account looted

Someone contacted a woman's bank pretending to be her and asked that the mailing address be changed on the account, a woman told police Tuesday afternoon. The criminal also obtained a new debit card for the account. Over the past several days the debit card was used at a Dallas bank to loot the account of more than $4,000. An investigation is continuing.


 Other reports

1000 block of West Oak Street - Officers responding to a report that a home was burglarized shortly before 2 p.m. Tuesday searched the house. They found a man hiding in a closet and arrested him on a burglary charge. When they searched his clothing they found nearly two grams of methamphetamines. That is considered more than an amount someone would have for his own consumption so a charge of delivery of a controlled substance was added.

On Tuesday officers made 13 reports including one assault, two thefts, one charge of delivery of a controlled substance, one charge of burglary, one fraud, one theft of service, one criminal mischief and one information only report. 

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