Wednesday, July 31, 2013

                                THE COP SHOP

Thief steals cash, punches woman who chased him

Denton police searched for a man just after midnight Tuesday but did not find him. Witnesses in the 1800 block of West University Drive reported they were in a Mexican fast-food restaurant when the man grabbed the cash payment made by a customer that was lying on the counter. The man ran out the door with a woman in pursuit. the woman said she chased him for about a block before confronting him. The man punched her in the face, she said, and continued running.

Other reports

100 block of Duchess Street - A 30-year-old woman told police Tuesday that she put her wedding dress for sale on Craig's list. She received an offer and later, a check for $1,850. Before mailing the dress she checked with her bank and learned the check was fraudulent, according to the report.

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