Tuesday, July 30, 2013

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Elderly man's daughter stealing from him

Denton police are investigating a report from the Texas Adult Protective Services Department that a 79-year-old man's daughter has drained his bank account and run up a credit account without his knowledge.
According to the report, the man went to his bank to check on his accounts, which should have contained $2,000. He found only a total $5 in his checking and savings accounts, according to the report. His daughter is the person who has been accessing the account, and the man also learned that she has charged a large amount of money on a credit card that he had not authorized. She has made no attempt to make payments, he said.

Other reports

7400 block of North Locust Street - A 26-year-old woman reported Monday that her former boyfriend is posting signs about her around her workplace. The man also constantly texts and calls her, she said.

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