Thursday, August 29, 2013

                           THE COP SHOP

Woman's family attacks handicapped boyfriend

Denton police sorted out stories told by different people at a residence in the 9100 block of Teasley Lane Wednesday night and arrested one of them on a charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.
Officers arrived and found a man sitting on a couch who was obviously physically impaired. He told them he had brain surgery that caused him physical problems with speech and movement. He said that he girlfriend had recently left him but came back that day. Her mother and sister and their boyfriends heard she was there and drove from Dallas to get her, he said. The victim said they Came in and one boyfriend began videoing with his camera. The sister and her boyfriend screamed at spit on the victim, who told them to get out of his house. The boyfriend picked up a large glass ashtray and hit the victim in the head with it. The ashtray and a nearby table broke, according to the report.
After much more screaming and spitting, the victim's neighbor came over to check on his welfare and all the people left.
Police called the boyfriend and he said he was in Corinth and would return to the police department to talk. He denied spitting or hitting the victim with the ashtray. He called a few minutes later to report that he had been in a traffic accident. Officers drove to Corinth to pick him up and found him in the back of a squad car. The others were in a nearby vehicle. The other boyfriend denied filming the fight but would not allow the officer to see his phone. All denied spitting or hitting the victim.
The officers believed that, because the victim had recently had brain surgery and had been hit in the head the ash tray was a deadly weapon. He arrested that man and an investigation is continuing on the culpability of the rest.

Other reports
600 block of Bonnie Brae - A woman reported just after 1 a.m. Wednesday that her boyfriend attacked her and pushed her out of a moving car.

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