Thursday, August 15, 2013

Information on Burch accident in county car

     I have obtained the accident report pertaining to the traffic accident in Tarrant County that totaled a Denton County Squad car. According to the report, Precinct 4 Constable Tim Burch was himself at the wheel of the 2009 Dodge Charger on February 21, 2013, at 11:30 P.M.
     Burch told investigating Grapevine officers that he was blocking an onramp to U.S. 114 with all his lights activated to keep cars from entering the highway where crews from a highway construction company were working. He apparently had contracted with the construction company to provide security.
     He was parked behind another truck. A woman driving an Infinity SUV rear-ended the constable's car and knocked it into the truck in front. She left the scene. Burch reported no injuries in the accident but the truck driver went to the hospital via private vehicle to be checked out.
     The woman driver had a flat tire and pulled into a parking lot, where officers found her and arrested her for DWI and leaving the scene of an accident.
     The county's insurance company replaced the car at a cost of $33,000. Burch appeared before the commissioner's court on Tuesday to ask for another $9,000 to outfit the new car with police radio, lights, etc. That was granted.
     Sources tell me that county officers are allowed to work off-duty jobs as long as they relate to law enforcement. The elected official decides whether the job fits the requirements and Burch obviously thought he could work in Tarrant County. Apparently that's where it gets murky. Do county rules apply to working in a different county? Up for discussion. Voters might want to make their views known to their commissioners.


  1. County rule states clearly that take home cars can be used for off duty jobs IN THE COUNTY. Tim Burch is breaking the rules. Also, why should we the tax payer fund the Constables side job for gas and transportation. He is doing exactly what we expected from Constable Burch, abusing the system for his own gain.

    1. Also, perhaps if Constable Burch's guys weren't allowed to leave work in the middle of a shift to work side jobs, he would understand the basics of real police work. My company doesn't allow us to leave in the middle of our shift to go make 30.00 an hour extra while we are on the clock. And it's noted that he is using his precinct guys to do work in Constable Flores area of Lantana. Does this mean Constable Flores can't handle his own precinct? Should the voters in that area find a more qualified Constable? Why is Tim Burch's precinct guys leaving their area to get paid off duty in Lantana during their shifts?
      And as a citizen, perhaps it should be known just how often Constable Burch asks the Commissioners Court for money. Our tax dollars are not Constable Burch's free for all to play police and try to get the latest police toys. He needs to learn how to manage the money he is given for his budget. Voters be aware to his wrongdoings.
      He needs to stick to serving civil process, because he certainly has issues past those duties.
      In my opinion, as far as off duty.... If Constable Burch can't provide for his family on his salary at that elected position, perhaps it's not the job for him. Tim Burch should be embarrassed to be an elected leader and working side jobs. Leave them for the patrol guys.