Tuesday, August 13, 2013

                               THE COP SHOP

Woman on hook for six loans

A woman told Denton police Monday that she is receiving telephone calls from a collection agency trying to force her to repay six loans that she did not take out. The woman said she does not know who used her identifying information to get the loans.

Other reports

600 block of Audra Lane - Officers responding to a report of violence at an apartment early Monday found a man and woman. The woman refused to talk to the officers. The man was bleeding from numerous scratches on both sides of his neck and a bite mark on his shoulder. He said they were arguing and he decided to leave. That angered her even more, he said, and she attacked him, biting and scratching until he was able to get out the door. The officers took the 27-year-old woman to jail on a charge of assault, family violence.

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