Wednesday, September 18, 2013

                               THE COP SHOP

Couple fight over custody of pets

A woman called Denton police just after 11 p.m. Tuesday from the 600 block of Collins Street to report that her former boyfriend had assaulted her.
The victim said she had allowed him to come into the house while she was away to collect his belongings. But he was still in the house when she returned. He wanted to take their pets with him and she refused. During a heated argument over the pets, the man began beating her. Then he left. No word on whether he took the pets.

Other reports

5800 block of Eagle Mountain Drive - A woman reported Tuesday that for some time a stranger has been calling her from different telephone numbers harassing her and talking about sex. She said she told the man she doesn't know him and that he has a wrong number. The man told her he would stop calling if she game him money.

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