Sunday, October 30, 2011

Social networking forms a community. And when things turn as bad as they did Thursday night, you need a little help from your friends.
I'm writing this on Friday, my column deadline. So I don't know what will happen tonight with the Rangers, even though we know now as we are reading this.
But I'm writing about that roller-coaster ride we all took Thursday night, complete with the moment the thing went off the tracks at the end.
Part of the time I sat in my recliner and worried. Part of the time I paced in front of the TV and muttered and cursed.
Sometimes I muted the sound, and for the last inning I put a blanket over my head.
I spent a lot of time on Facebook, of course. That's where my friends were waiting and watching the game with me. And cheering. And cursing. And crying.
And then doing it all all over again.
Here is a sampling of our get-to-gether when things started going bad:
Tracy: I quit.
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Debbie: Nah, ya don't.
DeAnn: Not yet!
Mike: Still quitting?
Melissa: Quitters never win, booger.
Jesse: Tracy never quits. He's just reloading.
Tracy: I'm back.
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Steve: I can't take this
Snow: I hate this!
Jennifer: Ug, this is killing me.
Ronda: I'm seriously going to have a heartache.

Scott: One strike away and he throws it over the heart of the plate!
David: wtf?
Katrina: omg! Where's the Tums?
Me: Forget the Tums. Where's the tequilla?
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Katy: that was a bit heart-wrenching, but I've got faith

Robyn: Seriously, am I expected to be at work tomorrow?
Missy: One strike away. Has Feliz been watching Romo?
Monica: Woop!
Jessica: That's how baseball go. Thanks, Josh!

Me: I'm going to hell for dropping the F-bomb 40 times in the last hour
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Colleen: It's OK, Donna. God is a Rangers fan.
Sherry: %$**##@!
Brian: I'm two F-bombs ahead of you. I'll save you a seat.

Dirk: Sports can be so cruel. Gotta fogt about this one quick.
Tracy: Great closer my a..
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So here it is Sunday, and we know that we lost the world series. I don't know about the rest of you, but I just sat in a stupor and watched. I had no emotion left. Thursday night was the game we lost. And we knew. That game took the heart out of us. That game took the heart out of our guys. Friday night was the game that never should have been.
At least we have basketball and the Mavs
Oh wait....
Well, we have football and the Cowboys
Well, we have next year and the Rangers. And third time's the charm!


  1. If there were a category for best journalist use of Facebook, you just nailed it.

  2. And now you can see the future of newspapers. Unless I'm wrong (and I'm never wrong), you should find a way to monetize your blog and / or become a famous novelist.