Wednesday, September 28, 2011

So here I am in a fairly lucid moment sitting at my computer having created a blog with no real idea of what I am doing.
I know I want to have fun. I know I want to make people laugh or cry or think about things in a new, slightly cracked way.
I know I want to create a place where smiles are the norm and sunshine reigns and frowns are forbidden. Maybe that place is Oz. Maybe it doesn't exist. But maybe it can exist, here in one of my more lucid moments, just us, picking life apart and reassembling it to make more sense.
I'm a senior citizen, a crazy teen, I'm ageless. I'm excited every day to feel life, to taste it, to hold it in my hands and mold it into something elegant and bold.
This is not your weekly Donna Fielder column, my friends. This is tastier, zestier, richer in color and free of those bothersome editors who won't let me write certain words in a family oriented newspaper.
Will you follow me down that yellow brick road?
The man behind the curtain, I hear, is naked.


  1. I want nothing to do with naked men behind curtains, but I will certainly step up and be your first member. That sentence even sounds salacious, which I presume is to be the norm for this purple prose. Good luck.

  2. Best wishes on your new adventure